The Gesture Powered GmbH was represented with its innovative Digital Signage and Augmented Reality Marketing at the Integrated Systems Europe 2016 in Amsterdam from 9.-12. February.

The new technology eliminates the need for consumers to download any apps in order to experience augmented reality at advertiser’s location.

“There’s no need for consumers to download any apps. More importantly, for advertisers, there’s no need to promote the very possibility of augmented reality experience, essentially creating ads for ads”, — says Mr. Yilmaz, — “You just plug the stand in, and it works to drive customers your way”.

Gesture Powered, GmbH, known for its promotional applications, has been actively developing gesture recognition and augmented reality technology in the recent years. The result of this work is a stationary device that can be used with off-the-shelf or custom software to create a new advertising medium and attract more customers.