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Magic Catalog

Product catalogs has never been this technologically advanced. By providing the customer with an original, gesture powered experience, Magic Catalog enables you to communicate the benefits of using your products and services in a way which was practically unimaginable before. Now customers can learn about what you have to offer by using natural gestures, without touching the display. The novel experience takes interactivity and engagement to a level modern customers simply can’t resist.

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Magic Mirror

Magic Mirror blends our innovative motion sensing technology with the concept of augmented reality to make real sales. It enables your customers to try on your products in an entirely new, touchless way.

By using natural, intuitive gestures, customers are able to see how they look like in your clothing and accessories, without actually putting them on or touching anything at all for that matter. They are also able to find out the pricing of each item, and make orders right away.

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Gameful Promotion

The magical Gameful Promotion enables you to take advantage of the powerful concepts of gamification and advergaming utilized by over 70% of Forbes Global 2000 companies — in a conceptually new, touchless way.

It changes the way your prospective customers make their buying decisions, and enables them to experience your brand in a new way. It effectively communicates the benefits of using your products or services and increases customer loyalty through a gameful experience.

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