Magic Catalog

Ultra-modern product catalog.

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  • Captures attention and makes passers-by amusedly learn about what you offer
  • Turns what you have to sell into what people wish to buy
  • Contributes to a contemporary image of your business
  • Provides insights into the behavior of your customers

Product catalogs has never been this technologically advanced. By providing the customer with an original, gesture powered experience, Magic Catalog enables you to communicate the benefits of using your products and services in a way which was practically unimaginable before. Now customers can learn about what you have to offer by using natural gestures, without touching the display. The novel experience takes interactivity and engagement to a level modern customers simply can’t resist.

Magic Catalog is not just interactive. It’s proactive. By responding to movement, it captures attention of passers-by and invites them to explore your range of products and services. When your customers get to learn about your offerings in an original way, they perceive your products and services as unique, innovative, and superior to the competition. This invariably leads to more sales. To measure the effectiveness of your gesture marketing, Magic Catalog gathers statistics, such as most viewed items, the time people spend learning about each item, as well as the total number of users.

Magic Catalog comes standard as an all-in-one hardware and software solution which renders technologically advanced presentations intended to spur interest to your offerings and create desire to make a purchase.

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