Gameful Promotion

A little creativity turned into a lot of profitability

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  • Markets your products or services through a gameful consumer experience
  • Engages and converts customers by using game thinking and game mechanics
  • Differentiates your business from the competition
  • Transforms people’s natural desire to play into additional revenues for you
  • Custom developed to fit each industry you are into

The magical Gameful Promotion enables you to take advantage of the powerful concepts of gamification and advergaming utilized by over 70% of Forbes Global 2000 companies — in a conceptually new, touchless way.

It changes the way your prospective customers make their buying decisions, and enables them to experience your brand in a new way. It effectively communicates the benefits of using your products or services and increases customer loyalty through a gameful experience.

Once the customer has indulged in the novelty of the gesture controlled gaming, they’ll no doubt share this incredible experience with their friends, driving additionalcustomers your way.

The possibilities of using this technology are endless, and are only limited by your imagination.A little creativity turnsgesture powered games into a lot of profitability.

Our interactive marketing solution comes standard as a complete plug-and-play digital stand which you can take almost anywhere your customers are. The portable display only requires a power outlet to function properly, and is also available as outdoor kiosk station.

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