Service & Maintenance

Care & maintenance

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  • Top quality service from expert technicians
  • Guarantees financial predictability and reliability
  • Protects your investment and delivers peace of mind
  • Takes care of the technology, so you can focus on your business
  • Carried out by our partner company which has been in business for over a century
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Care is a critical value behind Magic Schaufenster. Our customers share this value with us. They care about their business. Our customers know that we care about their business.

We stand behind our innovative digital signage solutions to keep them running smoothly, so you can concentrate on the new customers brought by our almost magical touch screen alternative technology.

Magic Schaufenster ensures the best customer care possible thanks to access to resources of a partner company that’s been providing maintenance services for over a century.

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  • Feature-rich, configurable, all-in-one software and hardware bundle

  • Interactive marketing done for you right out of the box

  • Immediately available for a reasonable one-time fee

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  • Made to fit each industry you are into

  • Seamless integration with any existing software you might be using

  • One price, regardless of the number of users or installations

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